Step 1: Overview

In this step you will set up payment for the software. You have three options to choose from.

Your client sets up a PayPal account and $200 is automatically deducted monthly from the account to pay for the monthly lease.
You set up a PayPal account and we automatically deduct $100 from your PayPal account monthly. You will then bill your customer monthly for $100 plus your monthly fee. You would choose this option if your customer wants a monthly invoice or if you charge a monthly fee different from the $100 commission that you would receive from us.
We bill your client annually for 12 months paid in advance. This option is for a client that doesn't wish to set up a PayPal account and wants to be billed once a year.

   Step 2: Setting up a PayPal account

You can go to to set up a business account. Millions of people have set up an account and it is quite easy to do. Simply follow the instructions step-by-step.

Note: You only need to set up a corporate PayPal account once.

   Step 3: Order our document imaging software

The next step is to go to our website and order the software. Click on the following link to access the order page.

   Step 4: Download the software and instructions

Once you have ordered the software you will receive an email with the instructions to download the software. You simply need to follow the instructions to access our download site and download the software. Be sure to download the installation manual too.