Step 1: Overview

Congratulations on completing step 1 in the sales process. Now admit it, that wasn't so bad, was it?

In Step 2 you will be contacting the people on your list to schedule a 30-minute appointment with them.

The objective of the appointment is not to sell or demo anything. It is to establish report and gather information from each of these customers. At this meeting your customers are going to tell you what they want to be sold on the idea of document imaging.

Remember, you are not selling a document imaging system, you are selling a solution to their problem. Successful business people are always asking themselves:

  How can I reduce costs?
  How can I increase efficiencies?
  How can I increase profitability?
  How can I improve customer service?
Document imaging is one of the easiest technologies to deploy to accomplish all these objectives. Yet, it is a technology that few companies have invested in. I believe the reason companies haven't invested in document imaging is either because no one has talked to them about it, or they have focused on the product and not the problem.

   Step 2: Schedule a 20-30 minute appointment with them.

Yes, you are going to have to pick up the phone and call someone. Nothing happens until you meet with your customer.

This is the action step. However, the way you approach your customer is important. You are not going to call them and say I've got something to show you.

That would be a big mistake!

To schedule the appointment, this is how you should approach them.
I'm thinking of taking on a new product and I respect you as a business person. Before I commit, I'd like to meet with you for 20 minutes or so to get your input on it. Can we schedule something for this week?
Later when you go to the meeting, you will say something along these lines.

The product line that I'm considering is a document imaging system that is selling for $200 a month on a month-to-month lease. There is no time commitment or penalties if or when a customer discontinues the lease. This program will typically save a business 15%-25% of an office person's time and significantly improve customer service because you can answer most customers' questions on the first call without having to put them on hold.

Have you ever considered document imaging for your organization and what are your thoughts on such a program?
(Then shut up, listen, and take notes. The prospect will tell you what he thinks and what it needs to do for him to buy.)

   Step 3: Make your first call

Take action now! Don't put off your first call. Pick up the phone and call the first person on your list.

Go on, do it!

There, that wasn't so bad. Now that you've seen that your customer isn't going to bite your head off, set aside 15 minutes to make several more calls today.

After you have made those calls, set aside another 15 minute either today or tomorrow to make more calls. Continue to do this until you have scheduled appointments with everyone on your list.

You should now have 10 appointments to meet with you best customers to learn about their goals and aspirations. You should gain incredible insights that will serve you well for years to come.

This is powerful stuff. Do you realize how many people have ever sat down with your customer and ever asked them about their business goals? I would bet none, and I'd be right 95% of the time.

Be excited about meeting with your best customers. This meeting is about to change your relationship for the better. It's extremely powerful.

By the way, you may eventually want to do this with all your customers.

Key Side Note: If you ever want to read a really good book on getting to know your customer, read Harvey McKay's; Swim With the Sharks. Another excellent book is Jeffery Gitomer's; The Little Red Sales Book.

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