Step 1: Overview

In step 6 you will be contacting all your clients that were on your list and schedule a 45-60 minute appointment with them. You will then meet with your client and demo the software.

The objective of this meeting is to demo the software to them. You must remember that these people are not IT so they will be interested in...
  How there people will use the system
  The cost of the system
  The time it takes to learn the system
  How soon before they will see a return on their investment
  How much support the system requires
If you took notes during your first meeting, you will have a good idea of what your client requires to make the decision to invest in the system. You will want to talk about the benefits that he will derive from investing in a document imaging system.
  How it will reduce costs
  How it will increase efficiencies
  How it will increase profitability
  How it will improve customer service
  How it will protect the business by having copies of the documents offsite

   Step 2: Schedule a 45-60 minute appointment

Once again you are going to pick up the phone and call your clients. Remember that you have already set the stage for this appointment when you sent your client the follow up email after your first appointment.

To schedule the appointment you should approach them by saying something like the following.

I want to thank you once again for the time you spent with me the other day. Your insights were very helpful and I've made the decision to take this product on. If I may, I'd like to impose on you one more time and have you take a look at the software. I would like you to put on your customers hat and give me your honest opinion of the system.

   Step 3: Go to the meeting and demo the software

When you are at the meeting you will say something along these lines.
When we got together last time you indicated that if you were to consider investing in a document imaging system, it would have to do the following things:

You should have a list of 3-6 items that the client had mentioned to you during your first meeting.

When I was evaluating the software, I took those things into consideration, and found that this system satisfies all of your concerns.
What I would like you to do is to put on your CEO hat and watch this demo. I would appreciate it if you would ask me questions and then give me your candid opinion of the system.

I would like to know, am I correct in that it satisfies your concerns about investing in a document imaging system? Would you buy this system? If not, why not?

One last thing, please be gentle with me as I do the demo. This is one of my first demo's and it might not be too smooth.
Then demo the software.

   Step 4: Upon concluding the demo, you should ask questions

When you have completed the demo, you should have a good idea of how the client is feeling from the exchange during the demo. You may want to ask some follow up or concluding questions. Here are some questions for you to ask:
  • Would you invest in a document imaging system? If not, why not?

  • Does this system meet your business goals?

  • Did I adequately show you everything you needed to see? If not, what else should I include in my demo?

  • How do you feel about the price?
Again, this is a time when you need to pull out a pad of paper and listen to what your client tells you and take notes. It shows that you respect his time and his opinion.

   Step 5: Thank him for his time and opinion and leave.

Now you should have a strong idea if the client is interested in purchasing a document imaging system. If you have answered the clients buying concerns that he raised in the first meeting, you will find that 3-5 of your clients will tell you that they are ready to buy.

The other clients that don't buy right now should have told you why they won't buy at this time. They may want you to demo the software to other members of their staff. They may not be ready to make a decision at this time. Some CEOs can make a decision right on the spot and others need to ponder the matter for days or weeks.

   Step 6: Summary

If your client is ready to buy you should set a time to return to complete the details for the system. You will want to find out whether he is thinking of scanning documents from day forward or if they intend to scan in all the documents that are currently in file cabinets.

You will need to get back to him with scanner recommendations so a decision can be made on the scanner and it can be ordered by their purchasing department.

If your client isn't ready to buy, you should ask if they would mind it if you kept in touch with them about the matter and could you add them to your newsletter.

You should always remember that the purpose of a meeting is to set another meeting. So you shouldn't leave without putting something on your calendar. It may be a return meeting to make scanner recommendations, a meeting to install the software, a meeting to demo the system to another person in the organization, or simply a commitment to follow up with them at a later date.