Step 1: Overview

It is a proven fact in sales that with no follow up system, no sales! You must have an organized method or system of following up if you want to make the sale. Most sales are made after the seventh no.

It takes 5-10 exposures (follow-ups) to a prospect to make the first sale. Every follow-up is different, and here are a few elements to use as a guideline.
  • Know the prospect's hot buttons and work with them in constructing your follow-up plan.
  • Present new information relative to the sale.
  • Be sincere about your desire to help the customer first, and put you income second.
  • Be direct in your communication. Beating around the bush will only frustrate the prospect.
  • Be friendly. People like to buy from friends.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for the sale. Often.
To help you stay in touch with your prospect we have created a system of Newsletters that are designed to keep your name in front of your prospects. The newsletter is called Strategies & Tactics and the topics focus on businesses common goals.

   Step 2: Sign up for our newsletter

This is the action step that should take you very little time. You need to sign up for our newsletter. The reason for doing so is to:
  • Know what each strategy or tactic each newsletter addresses so that if your prospect calls or you meet up with them at a future date, you will know what they are talking about.

  • You will be forwarding these news letters to your prospects.
Side note: Where else besides our reseller program can you get a systematic follow up program to use with your clients and prospects for free?

   Step 3: Send our newsletter Strategies & Tactics to your clients and prospects

We've created a very simple process for you to stay in touch with your clients and prospects. We could have simply had you sign each one up for the newsletter which would automatically sent it to your clients and prospects via our auto responder. The problem with this approach is that it would keep our name in front of them and not yours.

Instead we suggest that you take your copy of our newsletter and forward it on to your circle of clients and prospects and attach a note to each one. You can create a general comment that would go to everybody or you can personalize your comment with each issue.

With this process you are in control. You determine who gets the newsletter and when they get it. For example, you may be going on vacation and don't want to send out the newsletter until you return. This process gives you the flexibility to do just that.

   Step 4: Make a list of everybody you want to receive the newsletter.

This is a step that requires a little bit of discipline on your part. When you approach prospects about document imaging and take them through the sales process, you will need to add them to your list to email our newsletter. You need to keep your list current. It is easy to fall behind and then it is hard to bring the prospect back into the sales process.

For example, if it takes three months to put someone into the follow up process, they will question why you are sending them a newsletter now. It is especially problematic if you had talked about putting them on the newsletter and you didn't immediately follow up on your commitment. If that is the case, you just blew it. Your prospect won't believe anything else you have to say.