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Step 2 in the process is to label the documents with keywords and numbers that will be used for retrieving the documents at a later date.

Labeling a document is simple, and creates accurate search results. The labeling process can be done anytime after the documents are scanned into the system. The process is one of entering the key words and/or numbers that you will later use to retrieve the document. There is only a 33,000 character limit that may be used to label a document; because of this flexibility, many companies choose to duplicate the terminology used with their paper files. By using the same terminology with which their employees are already familiar, there is very little training required for employees to learn how to retrieve documents with our system.

The video below demonstrates this process using our software. Video is 1 minute 28 seconds long.

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One of the features that adds to the versatility of our document imaging software is the "document profile". Documents vary by type and therefore each document type needs its own set of key words to identify it for later retrieval. A document profile allows you to create a set of data input fields specific to each type of document. Each field can be linked to its own unique list of key words. A list might describe a type of document or it might be a person's or a businesses name.

Examples of two different profiles are illustrated below. Note that each profile has a different number of data entry fields used to later identify and retrieve documents.

Profile A is used by a physician for patient records. Profile B is used for general corporate records. With our software you can create as many document profiles as you would like. Each profile can have up to 15 different fields.

To facilitate consistency of spelling and consistency of document labeling, our software allows you to create lists for each field. There can be up to 8 fields but you can virtually have an unlimited number of line items in each list. An example of a list might be customer name:

U.S. Naval Command Center
Langley Air Force Base
U.S. Federal Marshals Service
FMC Corp.
Halliburton Procter & Gamble

(Note: our system has been tested with a list containing 300,000 line items without any deterioration in speed.) This allows the operator to select from a drop-down menu or to begin typing the information into the field and use the auto complete function of the software.

The following illustration shows a list that is used with a document profile.

This dropdown list identifies document types used in the mortgage industry.

Please note that each list can contain hundreds of thousands of key words. The combination of profiles and lists allows you to customize our document imaging system to meet your needs.