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Step 3 is to save the documents to the proper file folder structure on the server. The video below illustrates the ease of doing this with our document imaging system. The video is 57 seconds long.

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Due to the fact that documents created with our document imaging system have the key search words embedded into the PDF document, we are not shackled with a database/file folder structure. This adds a great deal of flexibility to our system. We can store documents in any file folder and retrieve them at a later date.

If you would like, all the electronic documents can be saved into a single file folder and you can retrieve every document containing a key search term. Some organizations might prefer to create multiple folders to restrict access to a group of documents. While others, such as physicians might want to automatically create a different file folder for each patient. Each of these different scenarios is easily achieved with our software.

The following diagrams illustrate several of the more common file structures used by our customers.

With our system a single file folder can store all the documents. Generally this structure is used by small businesses where everyone on the network has access to the electronic documents.
With our system you can store documents by department. Generally this structure is used by organizations that want to restrict access to certain documents. For example, the accounting department can access accounting documents and the customer service department can access all other customer documents.
Some organizations prefer to use a file fold structure that is more granular, using folders and subfolders. An example would be a physician's office that wants its documents in a patient file folder structure. This can be done automatically with our software.

As illustrated by the diagrams above, you have the freedom to create the folder structure the best fits the needs of your organization. Our software allows you to create these structures based on the Document Profile.