Step 1: Overview

In step 12 you will train the employees of you customer on the use of the system. There are two different end users of the system that need to be trained.

  • Labeling Workstation - Your customer will have at least one employee who will need to learn how to scan and label documents.

  • Search & Retrieval Workstations - The rest of the staff will simply need to know how to search and retrieve documents.

   Step 2: Label Workstation training

You should schedule a one hour meeting to train someone on how to scan and label documents. This will normally be an entry level position so patience is required.

You will need to show them how to prep documents for scanning. Document prep means to:
  • Remove paper clips

  • Pull staples

  • Rotate documents

  • Separate file into multiple documents
First you must decide if you will be scanning each set of documents separately or if you will scan them as a batch.

If you are scanning documents as a batch you will need to teach them how to separate the batch into multiple PDF files. If they use a process where they separate the documents prior to scanning and only scan related documents, you will not have to teach them to separate the electronic documents.

You will have to teach them how to:
  • Scan documents

  • Label documents

  • Save documents

   Step 3: Train end-users on search and retrieval

This group of users will be easy to train because they only need to know how to use some basic functions. You will need to show them how to:
  • Select an index to search

  • Type in key search terms

  • The functions of "and" and "or"

  • Selecting documents from the search results panel

  • Viewing the electronic documents on the screen

  • Printing and emailing the documents
We generally recommend that you train a small group and let them train others in the workgroup.
Sometimes you may want to train everyone yourself and we would suggest that you keep your training sessions to 10 people per group. You can schedule a new group every half-hour since it should only take 15 minutes to train each group.

   Step 4: Conclusion

Once you have trained everyone in the organization on the use of the system, you will want to leave your contact information with the department managers in case they have any questions.